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HSB WHISTLESTOP Edition 5/2018
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School equipment is getting more complex
HSB can help schools save money and prevent breakdowns
It's expensive to maintain and operate school equipment. The average amount equals approximately 10 percent of a school district's budget and new technology used in building systems and components is increasingly complex and costly. HSB can help schools keep their equipment running efficiently and help prevent losses.
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In this issue
» School equipment is getting more complex
» Americans are careless with their passwords
» Don't let your customers lose their cool
Americans are careless with their passwords
How many different passwords do you have for your smartphone, tablet or computer? Where do you keep the passcodes that you can't remember? HSB's latest cyber survey shows almost half of consumers use one to five passwords to access all of their online applications. That indicates they probably reuse the same password on multiple accounts, a threat to security.
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Don't let your customers lose their cool
HSB claim data shows the number of air conditioning breakdowns jumps in the spring as equipment is turned on for the first time in the new cooling season. Often air conditioning losses result from a lack of preparation before it is restarted. HSB can help you prevent losses and get the most out of your air conditioning equipment with online maintenance tips and AC videos.
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Recent paid claim: Hospital AC system breaks down
Electrical damage to the electronic controls in a hospital's HVAC system went unnoticed until one of the compressors broke down. The damaged controls caused a chiller to keep running until the tubes froze and ruptured, resulting in severe damage to the compressor, tubes and other parts.
Total Paid Loss $54,118
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