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HSB InstantQuote Offers New Rewards for 2005
Higher Limits, More Classes of Business, Extra Chances to Win

HSB InstantQuote is better than ever with new incentive prizes for 2005. The fast and easy way to quote and bind equipment breakdown coverage online can now process bigger accounts and more types of business. You can rate almost all of your monoline equipment breakdown business from your desktop computer and increase your chances to win an iPod™ Mini MP3 music player or XM SkyFi2™ satellite radio.

Win An iPod™, XM Radio™
The rules are simple. The first 100 agents to bind 10 InstantQuote accounts before the end of 2005 can choose a reward. Any InstantQuote business that has been bound this year counts toward a reward. And you don't have to stop at one. Those who reach 10 binds and win a prize can earn another when they bind 10 more accounts and are among the first 100 to do so by year-end 2005. We're starting with a choice of the iPod™ Mini or XM SkyFi2™ and there are more types of rewards to come in the months ahead.

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Every commercial client has equipment at risk. With new maximum values of $25 million for most accounts, you can now use HSB InstantQuote with much larger monoline accounts and more types of business. Even accounts that need to be referred for a quote still qualify for incentive rewards if they are bound. For more information log on to InstantQuote and select Help from the menu bar. If you need or forget your user ID and password, just call HSB's Customer Solution Center toll-free at 1-800-345-1122 (dial 7), or e-mail us at

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Recent Paid Claim

Drugs Are Bad
Drugs and medicines stored in a hospital pharmacy cooler spoiled after a small refrigeration unit seized due to inadequate lubrication. The perishable goods loss was more than 100 times the amount of damage to the equipment.

Repair Cost
Perishable Goods
Total Paid Loss

This example summarizes actual losses and coverage. For all terms, conditions and exclusions, consult the actual policy.

Did You Know?

Online Tools Help You Explain Exposures, Coverage
Why don't more of your clients choose equipment breakdown insurance? A recent poll in Whistle Stop Express shows about half of all readers responding say these clients don't think they need it - and roughly half feel they don't understand the coverage. HSB can help. Visit the Equipment Breakdown Basics feature on our website to learn how equipment risks have grown with new technology. Then view information about equipment, coverage, how to sell and close, loss examples and much more.

New Agent Says, "This Is Too Easy ..."
When agent Stephen Boccarossa needed equipment breakdown insurance for a new apartment building risk, he went online and tried HSB InstantQuote. "The application process was simple," he says. "In no time, I was a new HSB agent and had the coverage that I needed."

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Thousands of agents and brokers have tried HSB InstantQuote. If you're using InstantQuote to quote and bind monoline equipment breakdown coverage online, do you find that your company is:
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•   Quoting more new business and renewals than before for equipment breakdown?

•  Placing more business with HSB because of the ease and speed of InstantQuote?

•  Quoting more types of business and larger accounts since most of your monoline business is eligible for InstantQuote?

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