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Cold weather checklist to help prevent damage

Extreme cold places an extreme burden on equipment

The early winter deep freeze that spread over much of the United States placed a severe strain on equipment and infrastructure. Many businesses experienced boiler breakdowns, HVAC failures and burst pipes as temperatures plunged for several days to the single digits and below.

Your heating system is a priority

Heating systems are the lifeline of a business in cold conditions. You must keep your building and equipment warm to prevent damage and breakdowns. Proper equipment maintenance and emergency planning are critical when preparing for cold, storms, floods and other winter hazards.

Things you must do when temperatures plunge

HSB’s engineers can help you protect your building and equipment. When you are facing extreme cold temperatures they recommend:

  • All water pipes must be insulated.
  • Inspect your building to make sure all outside dampers, windows are doors are closed.
  • Clear and protect all outside vents.
  • Heat requires power. If generators are unavailable, arrange for portable units.

Get more information from HSB

HSB’s Cold Weather and Freeze Alert includes more information to help you prepare for extreme cold weather. Several other loss prevention documents are available on HSB’s Equipment Care page to help you respond to severe weather, the loss of power and other disasters.

Cold weather checklist to help prevent damage