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Hackers hold fruit hostage

Ransomware attack shuts down family-owned food business

Who would have thought that hackers would hold fruit hostage? That’s essentially what happened when a ransomware attack shut down a family-owned fruit growing and shipping business. It’s another example of why mid-sized businesses need cyber insurance coverage.

The malware infection spread

The hackers exploited a common Windows web utility to download ransomware and gain remote control of a single computer. The infection then spread to 25 computers and the business’s servers, crashing the system and bringing operations to a halt.

Shut down for nine days

Once in control, the hackers stepped up their ransom threats — even calling one of the owners directly. But the owners refused to pay and normal operations ceased for nine days while the systems were restored by multiple IT vendor specialists.

$62,000 in losses

The ransomware attack cost the business owners more than $60,000, including $18,000 to recover and recreate data and $19,000 for systems restoration.

Yes, it can happen to you

The ransomware attack on a family business highlights a serious problem -- too many business owners think their enterprise is too small to experience a cyber attack.

Hackers target smaller businesses

In fact, cyber criminals may see a small to mid-sized business as a “soft target’ with limited security, or as a gateway to the data systems of a larger company. That’s because the smaller business has access to the company’s computers as a contractor or supplier.

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Hackers hold fruit hostage