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HSB Efficiency First™ helps save on energy costs

Energy savings and more uptime at no extra charge to your clients

HSB offers customers a unique combination of equipment breakdown insurance, inspections and loss prevention services. Now, we’ve added HSB Efficiency First™, — a suite of online tools and resources to help customers lower energy bills and keep equipment running at peak performance.

Value added at no cost

HSB Efficiency First™ is available at no extra charge to the insureds with HSB for equipment breakdown coverage. It’s part of our value to you, to help you deliver more advantages to your policyholders, and improve the risk profile of your business.

Energy efficiency made simple

“Your clients want to improve equipment operations and lower energy costs, but where do they start?” asked Ted Heiderscheit, assistant vice president, HSB Engineering. “HSB Efficiency First™ makes it simple. It provides money-saving, energy efficiency opportunities customized for their facility through an easy-to-use, interactive website.”

Energy savings are only the beginning

In addition to energy-saving tips, customers get information on how to keep their equipment running better and help avoid breakdowns and business interruptions.

Online calculators provide customized data

With our HSB Equipment Efficiency Calculators, for example, they can assess their equipment and operations, so they can decide on their own what efficiency improvements to make.

Benefits for our insurance partners

Our insurance partners also benefit from this high-value program. HSB Efficiency First™ can strengthen customer relationships and help prevent claim losses.

Powerful tools you both can use

HSB Efficiency First™ gives your clients powerful tools and risk management resources that can raise their risk profile as part of your business.

Explore the HSB Efficiency First™ website

Click here to explore our HSB Efficiency First™ tools and resources.

HSB Efficiency First™ helps save on energy costs