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Free Wi-Fi helps you connect with customers

What you should know about business Wi-Fi connections

Consumers today expect more services than ever and that includes free Wi-Fi connections. Internet access can help attract customers and increase sales. But there are risks as well as rewards when offering a guest Wi-Fi network. Here are some things to consider.

It’s not just coffee shops

You can find hotspots in restaurants, shops, auto repair facilities, laundromats and professional offices. With so many smaller Main Street businesses offering Wi-Fi service for customers, clients and employees, you may be considering a free guest network, too.

There are risks and rewards

What are the risks of adding guest Wi-Fi? How do you set up a hotspot that is fast, reliable and secure, so you can meet customer expectations and help protect your business and users from hackers and other cyber criminals?

It takes careful planning

The answers depend on how you plan to provide an Internet connection and whether you are willing to make the investment necessary to provide successful Wi-Fi service.

Some keys to success

You can install your own guest Wi-Fi network or contract with a professional. Either way, keep it simple, create a separate password and network, provide a fast connection, and make sure guests and other visitors agree to your terms of service.

Five things to consider first

Click here for a checklist with information about providing a guest Wi-Fi hotspot for your location.

Protection from cyber attacks

It’s also a good time to brush up on basic cyber security. HSB’s Equipment Connection blog includes articles about cyber safety for businesses and individuals and the HSB Whistlestop archives also feature several articles on cyber exposures.

Check your cyber insurance coverage

Does your business insurance coverage include enough cyber protection? Visit our website to learn more about HSB Total Cyber™ and Identity Recovery for Employees.

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Free Wi-Fi helps you connect with customers