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Coping with power loss after hurricanes and other disasters

Are you ready? HSB offers tips on outages and storms

Hurricanes, thunderstorms, blizzards and other weather events have left millions of people and businesses without power in the United States over the past few years.

Electrical blackouts have many causes

Power surges and other accidents are also common causes of equipment breakdowns that lead to electrical brownouts and blackouts.

The potential for loss is severe

The loss of power is more than inconvenient: health, safety and business operations are at risk until electricity can be restored and repairs made for property and equipment damage.

Planning for the worst

Are your clients ready for a power outage? What steps have you taken to protect equipment and facilities? Do you know how to properly restore vital systems once the wind and the water recede?

Share these links to help prevent damage

HSB can help you prepare for a power loss or other emergency with loss prevention information and other resources. Click on these links for more information about:

Coping with power loss after hurricanes and other disasters