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When will your boiler fail?

Breakdowns peak in cold weather

When will your boiler break down? Most likely when you need it most to provide heat for your building, tenants or commercial business.

Will you have heat when you need it?

HSB equipment breakdown claim data shows cast iron boiler losses increase in the fall as heating systems are started up and peak around mid-January, when the coldest weather of the year places the most strain on boilers.

Act now to prevent a breakdown

Annual maintenance, inspections, and boiler logs are recommended to help prevent costly and inconvenient breakdowns.

HSB can help you get ready

Read this article β€” β€œOn What Day of the Year is a Boiler Most Likely to Fail?” β€” for more information from an HSB engineer and for links to other HSB resources on loss prevention for boilers.

When will your boiler fail?