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HSB infrared inspection saves a school $60,000

Equipment breakdown coverage with added benefits

HSB’s loss prevention services are an important benefit for your customers. We can help them prevent expensive breakdowns and reduce energy costs. A recent HSB infrared survey did both when a serious electrical exposure was discovered in a school and resulted in an unexpected $60,000 utility company credit.

HSB's infrared surveys

The school system had asked HSB Thermography Services to conduct an infrared survey of the school's electrical system as part of its preventive maintenance and inspection program.

Looking for hotspots

Infrared thermography testing is a non-intrusive way to spot loose electrical connections and other problems in equipment that could cause a failure. HSB uses cameras that measure temperature differences and display the data so it’s visible to the human eye.

More than meets the eye

When HSB's thermographer scanned the electric meter supplying the school's gym, his analysis noted the incoming line was much hotter than expected.

A hidden wiring problem

The school contacted the local utility to check the hotspot and discovered the gym meter was improperly wired and could have caused a breakdown or even a fire.

False electrical readings

The meter also was giving false readings, so it appeared the gym lights were using more electricity than was actually being consumed.

School gets $60,000 credit

The utility repaired the defective meter — and gave the school a $60,000 credit toward the facility's electric bill. With a new meter, future electric bills also were reduced, since they reflected the true amount of energy that was being used.

Infrared surveys can really pay off

HSB Thermography Services provides infrared surveys that can help identify and correct issues before a breakdown occurs. HSB's insurance claim data shows that customers save an average 20 times the initial cost of an inspection when they identify a problem and prevent an electrical failure.

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HSB infrared inspection saves a school $60,000