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Who will shape your insurance future?

How to attract today's top students for insurance careers

What is the future of insurance? Who will be the insurance leaders of tomorrow? As our industry evolves to keep pace with rapid changes in technology and the global economy, how do we convince young professionals to pursue careers in insurance and risk management?

“It's the people who matter most”

“There is so much focus on new technology and exposures,” said Susan Nepras, vice president for HSB's marketing services group. “Don't forget: it's the people who matter the most. Our employees, our customers and insurance partners. It's critical that we attract young professionals with the talent and creativity to help lead this insurance revolution.”

Identify and recruit top talent

HSB has been active to identify and recruit top candidates in colleges and universities for insurance careers. We've also invested in tech start-ups and acquired companies with young employees who share new skills, ideas and innovations.

“InVEST” in volunteer resource that helps

What about you? Is your company reaching out to the next generation of insurance leaders? One way to get started is through InVEST, the insurance industry's classroom to career education program operating throughout the country to promote insurance vocations.

Insurance education in the classroom

InVEST is supported by the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA) and hundreds of state associations, agencies, brokers, educators and insurers such as HSB. The group teaches courses in schools and universities that give students working knowledge of insurance.

Motivating young insurance professionals

Founded in 1970, the non-profit organization has initiated more than 890 programs in 44 states to educate, prepare, and attract diverse new talent to exciting insurance opportunities and career paths. You can help, too.

Get more information

Visit the InVEST website and click on Insurance Professionals to learn more about the program and opportunities to help shape the future of insurance.

Who will shape your insurance future?