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Don’t Date Hackers and Cyber Thieves

HSB Survey Finds Consumers Ignore Risks of Online Dating

Spring brings a surge in activity for online dating services as many singles make a fresh start in their search for the perfect match.

Trouble ahead?

There could be trouble ahead for some, however, as consumers looking for romance discount the threat of hackers, imposters and other cyber criminals who may target the popular Internet sites.

Don’t see the danger

When asked how worried they were that their personal data would be compromised online, a cyber survey of consumers conducted for HSB found singles showed little concern about using dating websites and apps.

Online fraud and extortion

“Online dating risks can include fraud, blackmail and invasion of privacy,” said Timothy Zeilman, vice president for HSB. “Yet, many people reveal their personal and even intimate information without thinking about digital security.”

Sweethearts swindled

Daters are cheated in so-called romance scams, when people they meet online ask for money or banking information. Often they use phony dating profiles and may use the victim’s data to steal their identity, or threaten to expose personal facts or photos unless they’re paid.

So, are singles worried?

Although HSB's poll found respondents were most concerned that a virus, hacker or computer attack would damage their data, laptops or smartphones (68 percent “very or somewhat concerned”), they were far less anxious about dating sites and apps.

They’re “not at all concerned”

Only 37 percent were somewhat or very concerned their personal information would be exposed through online dating, and 35 percent were “not at all concerned.” That ranked near last of 24 categories — only defamation and lawsuits from online bullying were considered less of a threat.

Are your customers protected?

At least 15 percent of U.S. adults report having used an online dating site or app. How many are your customers? Do they understand the risks of online dating and are they protected with cyber coverage?

Eight tips for safer online dating

Click here for tips you can share to help keep their data safe while online dating. Visit our website for information on HSB’s range of cyber coverages for consumers and businesses.

Don’t Date Hackers and Cyber Thieves