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Plan ahead with electrical surge protection

HSB can help small businesses prevent damage

How do you plan for the unexpected? Small business owners try to imagine the possibilities and prepare for problems that can impact their operations. Too often, they overlook the consequences of power surges which can damage equipment and shut down their business.

Power surges have many sources

Electrical surges can originate from outside or inside a building. Lightning strikes and utility power outages are common examples. But the majority of electrical surges actually originate from other equipment installed within a facility and can damage nearby equipment.

The damage can be costly

Here are some typical electrical losses investigated and paid by HSB.

  • A power surge damaged electrical equipment in a service station and car wash, closing the facility for six weeks for repairs. The paid loss totaled $54,785.
  • A contractor sanding apartment floors caused extensive damage to the building’s electrical system when he connected his equipment directly to the main electrical panel. Total loss: $187,548.
  • The increased power load in a physician’s office caused the electrical meters to arc, damaging distribution equipment and knocking out power. The loss was $74,000.

What can a business owner do?

Surge protection devices (SPDs) are an effective way to protect your equipment and help prevent business interruption from power surges. The cost to install proper surge protection is relatively small compared to the protection you can get.

HSB can help you get started

Click here for an article with more information and a link to HSB’s guidelines for providing electrical surge protection.

Plan ahead with electrical surge protection