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Data breaches target more consumers

HSB cyber survey finds victims demand more free services

Data breaches continue to threaten the security of more U.S. consumers, the latest HSB cyber survey shows, with more than a third reporting their personal information has been exposed.

Cyber attacks are getting worse

The poll conducted for HSB by Zogby Analytics showed 39 percent of consumers had learned their personal data was compromised at some point and 51 percent of them were notified in the previous 12 months. Both findings were up five percent from a similar HSB survey two years earlier.

More consumers are checking credit

Once aware of the data breach, 46 percent of the affected individuals took advantage of free credit monitoring services, a five percent increase.

Data breach victims want more services

“Consumers are demanding, and getting, personal services when their data is compromised,” said HSB Vice President Timothy Zeilman. “Access to credit and fraud monitoring, identity theft case management, legal help and other professional services is increasingly important.”

ID theft is still on the rise

The HSB survey found that 21 percent of consumers said they had been the victim of identity theft, compared with 18 percent two years before.

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Data breaches target more consumers