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HSB Introduces Farm Cyber Insurance

Coverage Protects Farmers from Hackers and Malware

HSB Farm Cyber Insurance is a new coverage solution we're offering to help protect farmers and the technology that supports their operations from hackers, malware and other cyber attacks.

Cyber coverage for today's farm risks

It's designed to respond to a new threat — that a computer virus or a cyber-criminal will cause damage to farm data and systems or hijack information or hold the farms information systems hostage. HSB Farm Cyber Insurance provides a range of coverages for today's farm equipment, technology and data to address these exposures.

New technology, expanded coverage

“Advanced technologies help farmers maximize efficiency and production,” said James Hajjar, who leads HSB's cyber practice for reinsurance clients. “HSB Farm Cyber Insurance expands our coverage for the digital security exposures that these new tools are creating.”

Equipment and systems around the farm

HSB Farm Cyber Insurance protects farmers against cyber attacks involving computers and electronic devices located about the farm premises, including the farm owner's residence.

Computer attacks to loss of farm income

Coverage for farm exposures includes data breach, computer attack, cyber extortion, and misdirected payment fraud. The costs of restoring data and systems is also included, as well as the loss of income.

Coverage for the farm family

HSB Farm Cyber Insurance also covers the farm family, for identity theft and online fraud, cyber bullying, and damage from cyber attacks on computer systems and connected home devices.

It's easy to add to your farm policies

HSB's farm cyber coverage is available as an endorsement to insurance companies that partner with HSB and also can be bundled with HSB's Farm Equipment Breakdown Insurance.

Learn more about it

Click here for more information about HSB Farm Cyber Insurance. Contact the carriers you represent and ask them if they offer HSB Farm Cyber coverage.

HSB Introduces Farm Cyber Insurance