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IoT improves winter energy efficiency

Connect with sensors and controls to keep things comfortable

It's a challenge to balance the need for comfortable temperatures with energy efficiency. As a result many businesses spend more money than necessary for heating and cooling. The solution: use technology to better manage your winter energy costs.

The problem

While a defined “comfort zone” exists, different people will choose different set points. And heating and cooling systems often run at a greater capacity than required at night and on weekends to prevent frozen pipes or the growth of mildew and mold.

People are unpredictable

There are measures that businesses can take to reduce excessive heating and cooling. Some are as simple as posting signs to remind people to close doors or turn down the heat when leaving. Programmable thermostats also can help — if they aren't overridden.

IoT controls conditions

IoT (Internet of Things) thermostats are more effective because they allow a business to track energy use and control climate zones anytime with smartphone applications.

Sensors prevent damage

Even better, sensors can improve energy efficiency and reduce the risk of property damage by sending alerts for incidents such as leaking pipes.

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IoT improves winter energy efficiency