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Eight tips for Safer Online Dating

How to help prevent hacking and romance scams

Consumers should be more cautious with the personal information they share through dating websites and apps. Here are some ways to help your customers protect their privacy and data security.

  • Be aware that scammers and cyber criminals will be trolling even reputable dating sites.
  • Strong passwords, passphrases and other basic cyber security measures are important. Use multi-factor identification when available.
  • Never visit dating sites on public, unprotected Wi-Fi networks. Install a VPN and disable GPS tracking when using dating apps to make it more difficult to identify your location.
  • Don’t share personal information through the messaging feature on a dating site, texting or emails. Do it in person if you decide to meet a date.
  • Use online search engines to check people out. Search for the person’s name, together with the word “scam” and do an image search for photos they share. Fraudsters are clever, but often lazy, using the same messages and images.
  • Don’t send money to anyone you meet through an online dating site or app. Don’t share your banking information, purchase tickets or make travel arrangements for dates.
  • Beware a “match” who avoids meeting in person.
  • Don’t share intimate images through an online dating site. Remember, anything shared electronically is stored indefinitely, long after a relationship may end.
Eight tips for Safer Online Dating